Jan Gay Dads: Transitions to Adoptive Fatherhood

Drawing on empirical data from her in-depth interviews with 70 gay men, Goldberg analyzes how gay dads interact with competing ideals of fatherhood and masculinity, alternately pioneering and accommodating heteronormative "parenthood culture.

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  • Sociologie de la jeunesse, Paris, Armand Colin. Avec chaque couple, nous avons mené des entretiens semi-structurés et vidéo-enregistrés à domicile.
  • Case, T.
Jan Gay Dads: Transitions to Adoptive Fatherhood

Contents - Previous document - Next document. This introductory article will serve to remind readers what is meant by gay, lesbian, and trans families, and will discuss, in light of the issues raised by these topics, work from various other disciplines.

Predictors of stability and of relationship quality in heterosexual couples, such as personality traits, conflict resolution and social support also work for same-sex couples Kurdek,

Jan Gay Dads: Transitions to Adoptive Fatherhood
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