And gay men and women are legally marry

That's usually what happens. Then there is a class of humans who for whatever reason chose by cultural habit to behave in such a way that true loving acts are perverted into a dark and unloving category. Gay couples could always adopt a kid if they wanted one since marriage is generally more than just an agreement to have sex and produce a child.

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  • Furthermore, the terminology is different. Civil partnerships cannot be consecrated in churches, due to the resistance of the Church of England.
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  • L'emploi, le chômage, le pouvoir d'achat Mais sur cette question, ils s'expriment plus haut et plus fort.
  • Certainly, following the case of Wilkinson v Kitzinger , English judges will not recognise same-sex marriages that are formed in countries where it is legal.
  • It is to be hoped that, in the future, our imaginary same-sex couple and their numerous equivalents in real life will not want to choose England over France because of legal inequality. Firstly, it is not true to say that English law makes no distinction between homosexual and heterosexual couples.
and gay men and women are legally marry

L'emploi, le chômage, le pouvoir d'achat In France, where the differences in treatment are greater, the issue seems to be more of a hot topic. Certains changent d'avis.

And gay men and women are legally marry
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