As in families headed by lesbian and gay couples

Thus, they are less likely to confound the effects of having a sexual minority parent with the consequences of divorce. Dissolution of marriages. Increasingly, it appears that our gay and lesbian parenting communities are providing the kind of supportive subculture that allows these kids to be comfortable in such a variety of family relationships.

More commonly a parent's partner may be visible - may live with the parent, for example, and share full time child care. Most lesbians use donor sperm to have a child, so one mother is biological and the other is not, which could create conflict because one mother may feel closer to the kid.

Gregory M.

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  • This pattern clearly has not been observed.
  • In June , the results of a year ongoing longitudinal study by Nanette Gartrell of the University of California and Henny Bos of the University of Amsterdam were released. Many of these studies suffer from similar limitations and weaknesses, with the main obstacle being the difficulty in acquiring representative, random samples on a virtually invisible population.
  • Usually there is at least one parent who has no biological relation to the child.
as in families headed by lesbian and gay couples

Naziri, D. In addition, Bernstein and Reimann argue that by making themselves visible, same-sex parent families acquire the power to subvert mainstream perceptions regarding gender. The article ends with a presentation of the papers comprising this volume. The phrase sexual identity was used synonymous with gender identity despite some criticism from ILGA-Europe, who nevertheless still considered it an important step.

When a physical assault or murder is motivated by the sexual orientation of the victim, the law increases the penalties that are normally given.

As in families headed by lesbian and gay couples
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