Does this reflects a shift in the attitude of the Moroccan society visàvis the homosexuality

There is a tradition of therapeutic pessimism that goes back to Freud but a number of psychoanalysis, including Freud's daughter Anna, have reported successes in treating homosexuals as any other phobics in this case, fear of the female genitals. The casual pederast has become a habitual one: his homosexuality has now been ingrained in him.

For the Jewish community as such, the same principles, derived from the tradition, may serve as guidelines. The singling-out of homosexuals as victims of society's righteous indignation is patently unfair. Evelyn Hooker and her group of psychologists maintain that homosexuals are no more pathological in their personality structures than heterosexuals.

Yet, having passed this moral judgment, we cannot in the name of Judaism necessarily demand that we strive for the harshest possible punishment.

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La visibilité homosexuelle ne pouvait être que masculine. The effeminacy, boyishness, and virginity of the queer protagonist- narrators in the novels of Djaziri and Taïa are thus important loci in the reimagination and mapping of their adult gay identities. Ku, Chung-Hao. Stockton posits that a queer child, as in a gay child, does not exist given that such an identity is essentially in the domain of adulthood.

Abdellah and Sofiène attempt to impose their difference in spite of the obvious resentment that they face in doing so.

Does this reflects a shift in the attitude of the Moroccan society visàvis the homosexuality
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