Fellow gay icon Ellen DeGeneres cast Winfrey to play the therapist she comes out of the closet to on

Ellen Page on Coming Out

The New York Times. I would be afraid the minute I did it, something really good would happen and I'd miss it. She has declared in interviews that some of her best friends are gay and that she adores gay people and refers to herself as "the biggest gay icon of all times.

The Secret claims that people can change their lives through positive thoughts or 'vibrations', which will then cause them to attract more positive vibrations that result in good things happening to them. Although, for gay men, it is female stars who predominate, just to be a female star will not make a figure an " icon " - Ingrid Bergman for instance was never an icon.

Her career popularised the tabloid talk-show genre — an intimate confessional communication style which changed the cultural landscape.

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Fellow gay icon Ellen DeGeneres cast Winfrey to play the therapist she comes out of the closet to on
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