Taiwan is so gay today

Taiwan is well known for adhering to the Confucian paradigm of valuing education as a means to improve one's socioeconomic position in society. The bill, submitted by the Executive Yuan , and approved by the Legislative Yuan, lets same-sex couples join an "exclusive permanent union" and apply for a "marriage registration" with government agencies.

Flag National Emblem. Section 1: Since the KMT ruling clique retreated to Taiwan, its regime has continued to use the designations 'Republic of China' and 'government of the Republic of China,' despite having long since completely forfeited its right to exercise state sovereignty on behalf of China.

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Taiwan is so gay today

Posez-les à la communauté d'aide. Ce vote survient deux ans après une décision, en mai , de la plus haute juridiction de l'île, qui avait jugé anticonstitutionnel le fait de priver les personnes de même sexe du droit au mariage.

So proud to be a Taiwanese!

Taiwan is so gay today
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